Established in 2002 and loving every day since, Faerysteps has been a joy to be a part of.

A Mr & Mrs team of two specialise in creating unique, often one of a kind, footwear and accessories. Inspired by the magical place in which we live and work, Faerysteps boots and shoes are wearable works of art. It's what we excell at, being able to create footwear that not only look and feel sublime, but, are also part of a limited edition few.  Each pair is a combination of inspiration, heart and hands. 

I operate a 'first come, first serve' policy, and do not reserve stock items in advance of listing. This keeps everything nice and fair for all. I am a great believer that Lady Fate will always bring us what we need, so do keep checking back to see if your dream pair turns up. No custom orders or reserves I am afraid... and as much as I love you all, strictly no begging allowed :)

Alas, we had good reason to stop making custom shoes. Faery dust was getting lumpy, wands were breaking, wings were going limp, mummerings of overwork among the faeries was getting louder... thankfully, now that we have switched to STOCK ONLY peace is restored. Made to order may return in a limited capacity later in the year, again, do watch for updates.

Ren x